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Video is our world. Everyone wants to communicate through video. At JB&A, we provide end-to-end IP video and streaming solutions for delivering, managing and publishing video across any network, to any device. JB&A is focused on providing complete IP and Streaming solutions for all of your technological and business challenges – simplifying complex problems and delivering tailored solutions.

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We have a dedicated team of industry experts with years of direct experience in IP and streaming. JB&A has built a global manufacturer and integration partner network – providing industry leading end-to-end IP Video streaming solutions for encoding, recording, managing and distributing content. We work with the industry’s best resellers and vendors to provide an unbeatable team of experts.

IP2The JB&A staff expertly addresses the convergence of AV and IT – including the emerging standards, components and methodologies. With the growing trend of audio-visual solutions moving towards networks, JB&A can navigate the shared vision between both AV and IT markets.

When we take on a project, we make sure that not only is it the right solution for today, but we also we take pride in ensuring you have a solution that will also meet your needs going forward into the future. JB&A has worked on thousands of deployments worldwide. We are able to tailor the right system, combining the right hardware and software for every job.

Most importantly, we are with you every step of the way – from in-depth pre-sales discussions, to invaluable post-sales training.

JB&A stands alone in the distribution world.