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In today’s world, video is everywhere, digital display is more than the content – it’s an experience. At JB&A, we create end-to-end digital display and collaboration workflows to maximize your content and provide your audience with a visual experience that they will boast about to their friends and associates.

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At JB&A, we understand digital display, but most importantly, we understand content. We are committed to providing complete Digital Display and Collaboration solutions for all of your technological challenges – simplifying complex problems and delivering tailored solutions.

JB&A provides world-class projection displays and visualization solutions for any type of content for business, education, training environments, and entertainment and beyond. We have a dedicated team of experts with years of direct experience in digital display and collaboration solutions.

When we take on a project, we make sure it’s the right solution for today, while ensuring you have a solution that will meet your needs moving forward into the future. JB&A has worked on thousands of deployments worldwide, and will tailor the right hardware and software for every job.

Most importantly, we are with you every step of the way, from in-depth pre-sales discussions – to invaluable post-sales training.

JB&A stands alone in the distribution world.